Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Itch satisfied! DMK-03 Optimus Prime snap-fit...

    So I've been snap-fitting some stuff lately just to occupy time and get my modelling mojo back again. I bought the Takara Tomy DMK-03 Optimus Prime kit on impulse over the weekend. The last one I did in this series was a souped up KILLA BEE, which seemed like a lifetime ago.... I must say Takara upped their game with this one. The parts snap together nicely and although they are still not up to Bandai's standard, they are getting close. It's an easy build...for something this size and looking this complicated. I put it together in about 3+ hours. I'm left with the weapons but man oh man this guy's a sexaaaay beast! The flame decals are going to be a bitch to apply, but hey at least they provided decals!

Monday, March 2, 2015

I think I feel an itch...


    So I'm back blogging and dipping my toes into Gunpla again, having been inspired by the Group Build last Sunday at HAW. First up, this was the best turnout EVER! Maybe it's the subject matter, maybe it's good publicity, but wowowee, there were over 40 entries and the place was so packed it felt like a sauna even with the aircon on!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Finding my way back to Gunpla

  So it's been a while, guys. I'm not sure if any of you even read this blog anymore....haha. Geez. Time flies doesn't it? But for me, time seems to have come to a standstill. There are no new gunpla projects to look forward to, no adrenaline rush of a grand GBWC project. I am still interested in mecha, but I feel like I am looking at this hobby through a glass wall. Just looking, not participating.

Those of you who might have read an earlier deleted post sometime in May this year might know why...

    I don't really live in the house I used to call home anymore. The house where I thought I would set up my Gundam workshop for life. I still remember some 4 years ago when I first moved in, full of uncertainty, yet hope and promise. I had all kinda plans. Gundam-wise, I had wanted a proud state-of-the-art display...I wanted an industrial-finish type room where I could call my 'workshop'. Eventually I settled in and considered this sacred space (which may look like a warzone at times!) my sanctuary. Some really memorable products came out of this room - From my very first ever entry: PG Flight-type Astray, to the last GBWC monster: Morrigan. Good times, huh guys?

    I have so many memories here. Most of them, late nights or lazy weekends. I've had friends like Toymaker and Mechaman over, working relentlessly on projects or just shooting the mecha breeze. I used my display shelf for photography and even the industrial-finish walls, as backing for fashion photography. I was comfortable. Probably too comfortable.

    And then in May this year the bottom of my Gunpla world (and my WHOLE damned world also) fell out. :P Due to a brutal break-up, I could no longer call our home, home. I had to move out. Sure, the house still belonged to me and my family. But I could not go back there, and still prefer not to, because the emotional burden is simply too great. What's the big deal? Some friends have asked. Now you've got the whole house to yourself! Go crazy! Throw a Gundam party! Expand your display shelf! Bring out the airbrushes and spray in the living room! Heh. If only it were that easy, guys. If only.

    The Gundam room stands as it is. My display pieces, my toy collection, gathering dust. My tools are like ghosts of yesteryear, unused and uncleaned. A room that once used to churn out colours, is now stagnant, unproductive.

    Today, half a year later, as I am still making sense of the pieces of my life and putting everything back together, Gunpla remains a painful, yet beckoning facade of my life I don't really yet know how to confront. What's the big deal, you ask? Well I went through many months of questioning if my passion got the better of me, and kinda took over my life without me realising it. In my most regretful moments, I was 'blaming' Gunpla to a certain extent. Every project I look at reminds me of that time in my life that I was working on it. I remember all the things I was doing at that point in time, and how everything was right in my world back then. Stuff I shouldn't be hung up on now anymore, because being caught in the past gives me no way to move on into the future. Memory is a bitch ain't it? So I steered away. Yet, this had been such a big part of my life, and had given me so much inspiration and joy.

    And inspiration is something that I sorely lack these days. When I lost the urge for the hobby, I lost inspiration and the ability or need to CREATE something, which is in essence, what gunpla is about. When you agonise over a panel line, the colour of your armour, or the pose of your figure on its dio, you're trying to create something from your imagination. It's a craft. It's not just going to the supermarket to get stuff, or fulfilling your need to consume something by shopping at the mall. You actually have the power to CREATE. To see something come out from nothing, using your own hands and tools. This is the closest to playing God one can achieve, in a dramatic sense. When I walked away from all this, I guess I lost a spark in my life. I also nearly lost some friends, who came from the hobby. Thankfully, they have been understanding, and will always be close by.

    So as the months go by and I pick myself up, I'm still wondering how I can continue this hobby. There is no suitable space yet in my parent's house where I'm living. I cannot go back to my old apartment where everything was as I left it because it holds too many ghosts. At some point I would probably have to pack up all my stuff, and sell or rent out the place. That would be another hard move to make...yikes.

    Perhaps a way to start would be to begin from scratch. To start from snap-fitting again. And see where the itch to change something...some panel line or some detail...will turn into a thirst for extensive modifications...and then ultimately, inspiration that used to come so easily to me. The kind that you guys, still busy with your gunpla projects, take for granted.

    I'm still figuring it out. Wish me luck ;)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jesta High Mobility WIP update 5 (FINAL!)

Just some updates with studio-quality shots courtesy of Toymaker's lightbox LOL. Sorry guys, been busy so will only have time for a proper full-out shoot with action poses this weekend or so. Till then, enjoy! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Ep 3-8 REVIEW

"WE, GUNPLARER!!!!!!" Oh yeah. That has to go down as the gunpla quote of the decade LOL. 'Hi, I'm a Gunplarer! How are you?' -_- The best part about this irreverent scene is that my girlfriend walked in on me watching it. And rolled her eyes. Of all the cool fight scenes and meaningful ones where characters explain their love for playing with 'toys', she has to choose this scene to walk in on. Jeez man. Might have been better walking in on me watching porn LOL.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


    So you'd probably say I'm a tad slow, because Sunrise's latest Gundam series 'Gundam Build Fighters' is already out for a while now but I'm only just started on eps 1 and 2. What can I say? Age was a letdown...I didn't even bother with Gunpla Builders (was that what it was called?)...and when I saw the kiddy-like trailers for GBF, I was like mehhhhhhh. Not another Pokemon. Despite friends telling me it's actually not bad if you sit through all the kiddy stuff, I couldn't sit past ep 1. Lost interest midway through. But then a few nights ago, out of sheer boredom I returned to it and lo and behold, I actually lasted till the end of ep 2, and am looking forward to ep 3! LOL. BUT first things first - the series is probably the MOST unrealistic of all Gundam series. Not because toy gundams can fight in a VR game. Nonono, actually this technology might be Gunpla of the future, who knows rite? But nonono GBF is unrealistic bcos of something ELSE. Here's my case:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PG GP01 by NUNU (Thailand GBWC 2013 entry)

I just had to keep some of these pics for my personal archives and future reference, because Thai modeller Nunu has done an absolutely exquisite job on this PG kit. As y'all know, I have my opinions about the results of the Thai GBWC 2013 for which this entry was submitted, but since I've already blogged about it, let's not go there. We'll instead appreciate this entry for what it's worth. Could more have been done? Sure. Maybe he could have used a different colour scheme. Maybe it would actually have looked better without a maintenance bay, just a standalone acrylic piece like you see here. Or maybe if Nunu had the time for an equally exquisite maintenance bay to go along with the Gundam, it would have popped too. But we can go on forever about the maybes. End of the day, only one thing is for sure. His details ROCK. This is beyond RG type detailing on a PG-scale, and the difficulty level is off the charts, folks. I for one, liked his concept - showing half of a body with opened armour, and the other half, closed. But man am I glad I never acted on the idea bcos this one would put anything I could do to shame LOL.  If you want some panel-lining and armour-separation references, you've come to the right place. Let's roll...